Fitting out cctv at Stratford pools.

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Out quoting today around Okato. What a great effort by some local farmers and the NZ FEDS, take a bow. I almost want to rejoin when I hear stories like that!

Last Friday we installed several cameras in the Opunake CBD for the Opunake and District Business Association.

Sinclair Electrical did the wiring allowing Graham Lynch Security to install and commission the cameras at no charge.

The cameras themselves were paid for by a TSB grant and the ODBA.

I am yet to train users to assist Police. I hope to be able to expand the system in conjunction with ODBA.

I also hope to repeat the idea at Patea, Manaia, and Kaponga and so on.

Graham Lynch.

An interesting tool.  Go to….

and you can select your area and dates to see how much crime was reported.  Please note though much crime is not reported to Police so the real figure will be higher.  I even know serving Police members who have thrown their hands up in the air when trying to report matters from home.  Try and report matters to the Police even though it can be frustrating, it does help for proportioning resources and perhaps highlight a real problem area.

I hope through 2019 to add some blogs here to show people how to silence their keypad until we can get there and service the alarm.