Cameras are becoming increasingly popular, with rising fuel/milk prices, and offenders going to great lengths to get what they want. Installations these days are digital, no tapes to search through. The greatest advancement in recent years with CCTV systems is the ability for cameras to be set to record on motion only and also the ability for you to log in remotely from anywhere in the world and view your home or business cameras.

For numerous customers I have taken this one step further and installed security beams on their driveway, which when activated, can send a text message directly to the owner advising them that someone is on their property. The owner can then log in instantly to the cameras to check the live images.

Camera Hire (Overt/Covert)

Hidden covert cameras, or normal overt cameras, please contact me if I can help in this regard. I have had some very good “catches” which have seen people dismissed from their employment, and or taken to court.

With a Police background, I can tell you what you can and cannot do with cameras, how you should approach an employee, whether or not you should go to the Police and the like. I can also advise what you might expect if required to go to court etc. I am also a licensed Private Investigator.

You need to be aware that Section 6 of the Private Investigators Act 2010 states people installing/selling cameras must be licensed.
Meaning of security technician
(1) In this Act, security technician means a person who for valuable consideration, either by himself or herself or in partnership with any other person, carries on a business

(a) installing or repairing on, or removing from, any part of any premises that are not owned or occupied by himself or herself or his or her firm or any of his or her partners

(i) a burglar alarm or similar warning device intended to immediately alert a person or persons to the presence of a person or persons in a particular place; or

(ii) a locking device for a safe or a strongroom; or

(b) installing, operating, causing to be operated, or repairing, on or in, or removing from, any premises or other place not owned or occupied by himself or herself or his or her firm or any of his or her partners, any camera or similar device for the purpose of detecting the commission of any offence by any person.

You need to be aware that the Privacy Act must be considered when cameras are installed at a work place.