End of 2018 Nears

2018 is drawing to an end.  Thanks to all who have supported our business.  As always the installs/jobs we have done have been greatly satisfying, and I list some examples:

  • Gate access control for a Hawera Business owner –  an existing gate where the keypads were starting to malfunction.  He was advised by one firm that the repair was in the vicinity of $5000-$7000.  A new access control system was added for approx $1200.
  • Cameras installed for farmer whose milk contamination cost him an $8000 fine.  The great thing with this install is that now the farmer can see the entire milking shed from his house whereas previously a large dense bush area prevented this.
  • Simple alarm replacement for a Hawera resident who was advised by one firm that his alarm needed to be replaced at approx $1400+gst.  A new board was installed and the alarm made functional again for $400+gst.
  • Service Station CCTV project, one firm quoted approx $7K.  We installed virtually the same equipment plus one additional camera for approx $4k.

With Graham Lynch Security, I will always seek to find the best solution for your needs, not what is best for my account balance.

I wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year.  I look forward to being of service to you in 2019.