Risco Smokes False Alarms RWX34S

In a little under 2 years I have had substantial problems with wireless smokes from Risco. They go off/false alarm at random, normally when people are asleep or away.

Fire Brigades have been turned out in response to these false alarms, a big waste of time and resources, and potentially preventing or slowing a response to a real incident.

In order to see my customers right, I have replaced them, refunded them, or found a replacement. The fact that the smoke detectors are so unreliable should not preclude anyone from getting a Risco panel/alarm, they are otherwise a great little alarm. However if you primarily want the alarm for protecting life and property from fire, I strongly advise going with another product. I recently had to cancel a quote for this reason.

What is being done about it? From my end as much as I can. I have had almost ALL of my customers with these smokes have issues. I have had approx 20 units with the fault. Most of these were installed to meet the local Council requirements that smoke detectors must be installed in new dwellings. I have had people frightened to heck from deep sleeps, or when away on holiday by these faulty detectors.

At a suppliers level, interest seems to wane unless I keep pushing things along. To be fair, they seem to be at the mercy of the manufacturer.

Recent attempts (July 2018) to get the manufacturer to address the issue or even respond to an email have been to no avail.

I am hoping through this page (when indexed by search engines) that I hear from other owners/installers who have had problems. My supplier has now stated I am not the only one having problems, but they also said recently that as the percentage of faulty units versus how many units they move is low and within the normal range, they will not be pursuing the matter further.

This does not ring true of course with my experience, almost all of the units I have had through my office have faulted, almost a 100% failure rate. The unit I refer to is the Risco combined smoke/heat RWX34S.

In August 2018 a major New Zealand Security firm has advised they are thousands of dollars out of pocket because of the Risco smokes, and they have a box of them ready to be picked up by their rep.  They were absolutely fuming/gutted when they told me about the problems the smokes have caused.  They have ceased installing them.

Feedback appreciated.