I install quality BOSCH and RISCO security systems.

I can install DSC, PARADOX and other alarms if you prefer a different brand.

The reason I am a strong supporter of alarms is that they will watch your house night and day and they will do so very cheaply.

The two biggest problems with residential/commercial alarms are:

1. People becoming complacent and not using them.

2. People failing to rectify regular false alarms.

Your neighbours, if approached correctly, will be happy to check your house for you or view it from a distance when they hear your alarm sounding. Tell them to ring the Police if they suspect something is wrong.

They will however soon get sick of false alarms and will carry on watching television or whatever if your alarm constantly sounds.

Rectify all false alarms promptly and apologise and inform your neighbours that the problem should now be fixed.

Modern alarms are very reliable and have many features. Many can guard certain areas of your house at night-time, and it must be remembered that many burglaries in New Zealand have been committed while people are asleep in their homes.

A great thing about burglar alarms is they may prevent you from having to take other security measures in your home. For example, it may not be necessary to change old locks and remove louvre windows because if an intruder got into your house by these means, the alarm would catch them out anyway.

Another example, if you do forget to lock a door one night, but religiously set your alarm before retiring, again, the intruder will still be caught out. I am not saying you can be complacent, but you will be naturally protected to a greater level with the alarm.

Professionally installed alarms can also have smoke detectors fitted and there was a case in Hawera recently where an alarm company notified the Fire Brigade that a smoke detector had gone off in a house. The Fire Brigade attended and caught the fire in it’s infancy, and was able to save the house from serious damage!

If you have had your burglar alarm installed professionally you should also check with your insurance company, as many offer a reduction in premiums.

Many people state they cannot afford an alarm and many of these people do have other luxuries that they could perhaps do without. Make an alarm in your house a priority.

If you ask any person who has been burgled you will learn how devastating it is. If you ask any person who has a burglar alarm installed in their house they will tell you how much better they feel, particularly when returning home, to know that no one could have been in their house.

Whether or not you have it monitored is up to you. In an urban area with good neighbours, it may not be necessary. In a more remote setting it may be a good idea.

When burglars drive down a street and see an alarm box on the front of a house or stickers from a reputable company, they are likely to ignore this house and go to another. I know this from talking to burglars!

Fake alarm boxes/stickers by themselves are risky, as people climbing over back fences commit some burglaries.

I can assure you that if you invest in an alarm you will find you get considerable peace of mind and greater quality of life.

If  you are going on holiday, there is no better feeling than knowing your alarm is watching your house 24/7.  Be sure though to take care of these matters:

DRAPES/CURTAINS.  Do not close these permanently whilst away.  It is a dead give-away you are not home, or gives the impression that your house is so loaded with valuables that you don’t want burglars to see what you have.  That will make a burglar far more interested in what is potentially on the inside.  If you cannot get someone to open and close your curtains, then leave them open.

MAIL AND SECTION MAINTENANCE.  Make sure all mail (inc junk mail) and your lawns and sorted whilst you are away, also a dead give-away you are not home..

HOUSE SITTERS.  They are great for sorting the above matters, however they also have a life outside of your house/home, so this dos not negate the need for an alarm.


Please contact me if you have any queries in relation to this matter and if you would like a no obligation quote to get your house sorted.

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