There are two main types of security beams on the market. Infra red sensors and Infra-red Point to Point Laser Beams

I have previously sold and installed infra red sensors that go on driveways. These include Infra Alerts, The Reporter, Chamberlain, and others. I stopped installing them due to constant customer feedback, stating things like “they are very hit and miss”. The reason for this is that the sensors are looking for heat, and this is not easy to detect on some vehicles. Also, they are limited, for example, if you have a stock paddock opposite the area you need to cover, you will get activations from stock movement.

If I had $1 for every time I have been to a place where this type of beam has failed and the owners have given up, I would be well on the way to retiring. Many people have spent $200-$300 dollars 2-3 times over before realising their is a better product out there, and one with a 36 month warranty.


Point to Point Beams are are looking for a break in the beam, heat is irrelevant. There is a unit on each side of the drive, so stock paddocks do not become a problem.

Pictured above, the twin/dual laser beam wireless from Parabeam. They have proven to be excellent, I have some installed on my own drive and would not be without them. They have two way communication, many accessories such as pocket pagers and SMS texting devices.


As per the Parabeam site below, these are $699 inc gst, and normally about $80+gst to install depending on your location. I recommend buying them from me and getting me to install them. I will not service nor install units I did not sell. And they are a wee bit fiddly. Also note….

  • You can cover more than one gate/drive.
  • The signal will normally travel 900 meters to your house
  • Some models will cover 200 meters across your road frontage.

Parabeam website

Parabeam Error Checks

Parabeam – test readings with a multi-meter