About GLS

Graham Lynch Security (GLS) has been operating around our majestic mountain for over twenty years.

GLS can service the needs of people in North, Central, Coastal and Southern Taranaki. GLS has also traveled out of the district when required.

We install Security Systems, Driveway beams, CCTV systems, Access Control, Intercoms, Keyless Entry, Voip phones, access points, point to point beams, Starlink and can offer Monitoring of Alarms. We also install texting devices which allow you to monitor the state of various types of equipment (driveway beams for example) or control various types of equipment (effluent pumps for example).

Graham states:

I get involved in all sorts of matters that are nothing to do with security whatsoever, and this is for two reasons:

  1. I like helping people.
  2. I love gadgets/technology.

I have assisted customers with the internet and computers/networking, Voip phones, and credit card facilities for their business. I have helped numerous customers improve their cellphone reception. I have installed numerous cameras on backing gates so farmers can see their cows and avoid accidentally harming them.

Give me a run down on what you want to achieve, I will research it, assist, or make a referral to someone who can assist at no charge.

I am Serious On Security. I have little regard for those who try and take what is precious to you. GLS will try and help with all manner of problems/situations.